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Alannaian -Magician of Animal Charmer
-Eyes of Bastet, Descented of Cleopatra, Animal Magican

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Hi My Name is Alannian Isabellia Langiana, The Follower of Bastet, and Descented of Cleopatra, and Animal Charmers. You can call me Alanna, Alana, Lanna, Lana, Isabell, Bell, Isabella, Ella.
Alannaian Isabellia Langiana
Animal Magican
Follower of Bastet
Descented of Cleopatra
Important Information
Age 16
Gender female
Family Langiana
Blood of the Pharaohs Cleopatra
Status Alive
Eye Color blue
Hair Color Black
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Specialty Animals Charmer
Home Egypt, Nubia
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This user's character is following the path of Bastet

This user's character is descended from Cleopatra

This user's character is an Animal Charmer
Magician With Birds In Hat
This user's character is an Initiate Magician


She was born on the January 21 1994. When she was 10 year old. her brother Alexander tell his family that he going to the movies with his friend and after the movies was over, he didn't come back home yet and they assume that he is a lost.When she was 12 year old, her sister Annaliena tell her family that she is going to the library, and after, she was done with the library, she didn't come back home yet and they assume she is missing. When she was 14 year old, her brother Lucca tell his family that he is going to take a walk, and he haven't come back from walk to home, and they assume that he is alive or dead. When she was 14 year old, her parent being attack by bad guys, and she order the Cats attack bad guy, but she didn't know how she do that. When she is 16 year old now, she need help with finding the treasure,(amulet stone with Bastet's symbol on it. ) and she summonded the Cat to help her find the treasure.She was afraid of herself or don't know what is wrong with herself. until, the next day she think that is something wrong with her. Her parent tell her that she is the animal charmer magican, and she need to go to the trainer, to help her and train her before she went to the school, her father disappeareance, and next day her mom is gone


Parents: Jacob Alexander Lang,( a magican, disappereance) Louise Alannian Lang, ( A magican, Gone )

Sibling: Alexander Derek Lang 22 ( a magican), ( 20, assume that he is lost ), Annaliena Samiela Lang, 20 ( a magican ), ( 18, assume that she is missing ) Lucca Samson Lang 18 (a magican) ( 16, assume that he is alive or dead )


Cat sword, Black cat dagger, Cat knife, Cat necklace


Black Cat-Familar (Spy)   

Snowshoe Cat-Helper

Egyptian Mau Cat-Form

Leopard Cat-Protector


Name MeaningEdit

Al means Lady And anna means Cats ian Society , and Isa mean Goddess And Bel means Magican and lia means Destiny and Lang means Trust and iana means Protection

Alannian means Lady of Cats Socitey, And Isabellia Means Magican's Destiny of Goddess and Langiana means Protecti


Alanna's StuffEdit