Name: Ishmael Kenefick

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Type of Magician: Path of the gods (Sobek), Water elementalist, Combat Magician

Parents: Scott and Sarah Kenefick

Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes, white skin, a mischievious smirk constantly present, and always wearing a hoodie and jeans

Personality: Loyal, Quick to anger slow to calm down, a strong fighter, very mischievous, most of the time chooses to settle arguments with a blow to the head

History: Discovered that he was a magician at middle school when he said a'max as a joke but a bright red hieroglyph blazed infront of him and set fire to a table. His dad Scott Kenefick met his mother Sarah Kenefick at the Irish Nome in Dublin. His dad was a great animal charmer and excelled at shabti making and his mom was a great Sau and elementalist. Ishmael seems to be an excellent Animal Charmer and Water Elementalist, but he excells at combat magic. Also took tae kwon do classes for 3 years for self defense before discovering he was a magician.

Weapons: Ishmael carries a khopesh with him at all times but will use an iron staff for water magic.


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