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Destroyer of Cheese
He with Many Holes
Demon of Chaos
Important Information
Age 5000/0
Gender Male
Family *
  • Trapper of Mice (Father)
  • Filer of Nails (Mother)
Blood of the Pharaohs None
Status Reborn
Eye Color Invisible
Hair Color none
Height 5 feet tall
Affiliation *
  • Chaos
  • The House of Life
Weapons Cheese Graters, his body, Chaos Magic
Specialty Chaos Magic fighting Cheese Elementalists
Home The Ancient Throne Room
Adventures none
Demon Forever
This user's character a Demon of Chaos

Or Graham to his Masters is a demon of chaos recently reborn and looking to become a servant to a good magician so he won't be killed as often.


His body consists of various different Cheese Graters which float in a humanoid form and have a sort of inivisble force connecting them. He sees out of the holes in the grater where his head would be.

Current RebirthEdit

Since beign slain by an Animal Charmer in his previous life because of the actions his master forced him into he found himself reforming in a hidden room in the House of Lifes First Nome. He hides in the Ancient Throne Room and reinforced the obstacles reqired to get there with Chaos Magic so his new master would be strong and a truly good Magician who wouldn't abuse his new servant. He is now waiting inside an old vase as a discomposed as pile of differnt cheese grater with no definote form. He placed a spell to make the Vase attractive to any who see it so they take him with them and do not find him until after so they don't think he is another guard.

The Step Forward in EvolutionEdit

As his Chaos is based on a modern invention the Cheese Grater Graham is also a but firther evolved as a Demon. He evolved enough to start going over his insticts and attack all in sight and instead thinks for himself and whats best for him instead of making Chaos.


Although he enjoys Chaos Graham seeks to avoid it as it leads to his downfall and seeks to do good in the world of Egypt by forcing himself on a Good Master who he will have to obey and thus will stop him doing Chaos and help adjust to this new life.

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