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Shiva Kahn, the teacher. She specializes in Fire Magic

This class is taught by Shiva Kahn.

Day OneEdit

Shiva: Welcome to the very first element class. Please, tell me what element you are strongest in? I am strongest in fire. *she holds a flame in her palm* See? Try it and tell me. Hold out your palm and try to summon each of the elements. The fastest one that you summon, is your strongest.

Miella: *concentrates hard, and a small bubble forms in her palm* So my toughest are water, yes? (So my strongest is water, right?)

Shiva: Beautiful. And yes I suppose so. Good work!

Miella: Thanks you! Why's second? (Thank you, what's next?)

Jess: *summons a gust of wind to his hand*

Shiva: Good... Wind is one of the most difficult to control, taking lots of energy. That is why it is good to mast at least two elements. Like so... *she summons a ball of fire in one hand* And... *she points to other hand to the ground, making a spike of earth rise from the floor*

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