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Name:Mali Bluestone



Blood of the Pharaohs (Optional but must be a level four or five user):

Type of Magician:Elementalist(fire); Path of the Gods(Bast); Necromancer

Parents:Ash and Samia Bluestone

Appearance:Her eyes are an odd turquoise color; hair is pure black and naturally curly, down to her lower back; skin is like a butterscotch color;stands around 5'4";looks small and quick. She dresses in all black most of the time and her hair is always out of her face because of it's length

Personality:Very hyper most of the time. She chooses to hide any sign of emotion, however, and sticks to a calm face. When she gets excited, her pupils dilate and she gets WAY too energetic which is pretty much...bad.

History:Mali was born to an Egyptian-American family in El Paso, Texas. Samia Ka was an native Egyptian but moved to the states to see about the magic roaming there. There she met Ash Bluestone, a part-time Egyptologist, at an opening to an Egytian Museum. When Mali was born, the now married couple moved to Texas. Mali was always very energetic, but confused her parents with that constant puzzled look. Samia, a sunu, started running tests on Mali's mind. She then knew that she was raising a magician. Whenever Ash was away, Samia taught Mali different methods of magician training. But what Samia practiced wasn't for Mali. She stopped going to school so she could learn her own way in magic. Disappointed, Samia decided to just send Mali to the House of Life. So Mali went without argument. It sounded interesting, anyways. All her father knows is that she went to "therapy" to master showing her emotions.

Weapons:Mali uses a long black staff, curved at the top into a cat. She also carries a khopesh at her belt along with a orange wand.

See that dream? Hold on to it and never let go. It'll come true one day. 22:25, July 18, 2012 (UTC)

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