Matthew Clark


Magician With Birds In Hat
This user's character is an Initiate Magician

This user's character is following the path of Anubis

This user's character is a Necromancer


Horace was born to Lillian Pendena and Ivan Zlatojev in Moscow Russia. His father was the descendant of Cleopatra but nobody knew it. As Horace grew up he had odd things happen to him. At his 10th birthday he was at his school checking his locker and saw a tiny box in it as he opened it, he saw a djed ion the box and he shivered instantly know what it was as he looked for anybody that would have been in his locker. He shrugged and went to class hearing the voice say you have to come to Brooklyn.


Personality: Horace's personality is very dark since he follows Anubis' path



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