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Jananee Massri
Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Race American
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Health Healthy
Level Beginner, I think
Status Alive
Location First Nome, Cario, Egypt


Jananee was born in Cario, Egypt to an american family. Her father was an archaeologist, while her mother was a Forensic anthropologist, so they moved around alot. Jananee was spoiled because she was the only child of her parents. She lived glamorously, got fancy dresses and shoes, but never got the one thing she truly wanted-the attention of her parents.

When Jananee turned 12, her parents were killed when a archaeological site collasped. Jananee was taken in by her aunt, who soon told Jananee her parents were magicians, and so was she. Jananee was soon taken to the First Nome, where is being trained.


Jananee has light blonde hair and red eyes. She usually wears her mother's red cape.

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Jananee is shy, and usually keeps to herself. But, in battle, she is stubborn, tricky, and headstrong. She is an excellent fighter, and student, though she hates studying. She usually acts like a rebel at school.





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