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KJ Mills
He who follows the path of two gods
Important Information
Age 14
Gender Male
Family None
Blood of the Pharaohs None
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'4"
Affiliation The Brooklyn House
Weapons A simple ivory wand and a staff that automatically turns into a Lion when thrown on the ground but can't do anything else.
Specialty Charmmaking
Home Brooklyn House
Adventures None


KJ was born to two magicians who abandoned him at birth. He was put in an orphanage and he lived there for 12 years. After that he took to the streets using magic he had learned from practice to make it to the Brooklyn House which he had heard of from a wandering magician. However, his time in the orphanage caused his brain to split. His airy side follows the path of Nut while his grounded side follows the path of Geb. Although he learned magic early, he learned it crudely and can't do it too well.

Magic ItemsEdit

KJ uses a staff that transforms into a lino when thrown on the ground


Kj has a Split Personality, His airy side is nice and positive but lacks confidence his grounded side is less positive and nice but is very confident.


KJ can make charms at anytime. While in his airy form he can Fly and control the winds, while in his grounded form he has Geokinesis. He cannot do any of this well.


His staff and his wand.