Big Thanks to the Good Guys at the Camp Half Blood Role Playing Wiki from whom the baselines of this was borrowed. Thanks Guys!

Welcome to the Kane Chronicles Role Playing Wiki!


This is the role-playing wiki for the Kane Chronicles Series (by Rick Riordan). This role play takes place 20 to 25 years after the books, so that all the characters from the books are no longer at Brooklyn House and you have very little chance of meeting them around the first Nome (None at all actually). As this is a role-playing wiki you can play as a magician, a demon of chaos, a Shabti or a baboon. You may join adventures as any one of these and feel free to participate in a variety of fun activities we have waiting. Before you get started and enter Carter and Sadie's world please read our policies here, the Get Started Guide, and then begin to role-play as your character, engage the community in discussion, or help in improving the site in different ways. If you have any questions please contact an Administrator. ----

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Charm Making
Animal Charming
Chaos Magic

Do you Follow the Path of the Gods?

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The First Nome
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