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Kate Winters
Eye of Resheph
Important Information
Age 14
Gender Female
Family Diara WInters (Mother)

Justin Winters (Father)

Blood of the Pharaohs Hatshepsut
Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Red
Height .
Affiliation .
Weapons Silver/Black Wand & black whistle
Specialty Animal Charmer
Home Rome, Italy
Adventures None


Kate is a kind, loving, and trustworthy kid. Kate mostly acts her age but, she loves playing panks and joking around. But, Kate can be serious if she needs or has too. Kate speaks Latin and English but, also knows Greek, Arabic, and Persian. If her friends get in fights she always ends the fight. She is mostly never stubborn but she is very good at being stubborn. In the end she always helps her friends.


Kate was born and raised in Rome, Italy with her parents, Diara and Justin. They were mostly a perfect family, execpt that Diara was a magician. When Kate was born, Diara knew that she was a magician but, didn't tell Justin. Everyday, Justin would go to work and while he was gone Diara trained Kate in magic. When, Justin was home he would tell Kate stories of when he was a detective in the US. He would also teach her how to solve crimes. She always listened to her father. When she was five, Diara had to go back to the First Nome foor a few months. So Justin would take Kate with him to work. After a while Kate figured out how Justin's job worked so when ever he was on a phone call. Kate would slip in, and study the file. When Diara returned from the First Nome, Justin was kiddnapped by rebel magicians. Kate used to comfort her mother. As Kate turned eight, Diara sent her to a privite school near downtown. Kate would walk fourteen blocks to get to school. Afterwards she would hang out with her friends until dark. Kate would then go home, do her homework and then go to bed. Kate isn't the best student. The best she got was an B+. On weekends she would go be a secret detective for the nearby streets. She did that until she turned thirteen. On her fourteenth birthday, Diara brought her to the Brooklyn House to continue her training. Justin is still missing. Kate will be going on a mission to find him.

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