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Micah Allen
Hey, there
Battle-Ready Magician
Combat Magician
Important Information
Age 17
Gender Male
Family Malachi Allen- Father (Combat Magician)

Alice Allen-Mother (Elementalist)

Blood of the Pharaohs Sneferu
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Height 6'3
Affiliation 21st Nome
Weapons Bronze Khepesh- "Malik"

Ivory Wand

Specialty Combat Magic
Home 21st Nome (Brooklyn House)

Often visits 1st Nome, so calls it home.

Adventures none, yet
This user's character is an Intermediate Magician

This user's character is a Combat Magician

This user's character is following the path of Horus


Micah is a tall, 17 year old African American Male. He is 6'3, 205 lbs. He has short black hair and green eyes. He has a muscular build.


Headstrong and confident. He is softspoken and mild-mannered. Strongwilled and is considered charming.


Micah was raised in New York City with his parents and lived a somewhat normal life. father, following the path of Horus, was an excelled combat magician and fighter, as well as a history professor at a local community. He taught Micah to fight since he was old enough to walk. When he was 8 he mother died of breast cancer, and it left both Malachi and Micah distraught. Two years later, while Malachi was away teaching a lesson, a demon, disguising itself as Micah's dog, attacked and tried to kill him. Micah's immediate instinct was to run, and the beast chased him throughout the house. Finally cornered in the bathroom, Micah was out of options, and when the demon lunged at him, a butcher knife appeared in his hand and he thrust it in between it's eyes, and it disappeared in shadoes as it was banished back into the Duat. When his father returned home, he told him what had happened, and he immediately took him to the first nome in Egypt. Not long after beginning his intital training, Micah had chosen the path of Horus, and became a combat magician. After completing his training, Michah as assigned to the 21st nome to further study the path he had chosen


  • Is able to surround himself in a shell of golden energy resembling Horus' hawk-headed body from myths. (Batlle Avatar) In this form he has enhanced strength.
  • Is capable of making magical seals, though they aren't particularly powerful.
  • Can create a locker in the Duat to store belongs, though it takes a great deal of concentration, and once achieved, the locker's security is weak.
  • Is able to move objects without touching them using telekinesis. This is one of the few powers is adept at.
  • Is capable of conjuring weapons using only magical will. This is also an ability is is somewhat skilled at, being able to create capable swords and spears.
  • Can create waves of force for both defensive and offensive properties with his wand.

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