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Miella Sai
Miella Sai edited


Vital statistics
Title Water User
Gender Female
Race Magician
Faction Elemental Magic
Health Stable
Level 0/10
Status Alive, single
Location The First Nome


Miella is a sweet girl from Japan. She's very friendly and protective, and is also very loyal. She's a great friend, too.


Her father, like most, was an archaeologist who traveled a lot. However, he had no magician powers. Miella's mother was the magician, who had studied Elemental magic at the 5th Nome. One day, when Miella was 5, her father was studying one of the pyramids, when he accidentally tripped a booby trap, causing him to sink into quick sand, killing him and Miella's big brother, who had been with him. Miella's mother took her to the First Nome, without telling her her father and brother were dead until she was 10. Now here she is, 2 years later (so she's 12 now), an Elemental Magic-using magician. Her element is water, and her native language is Japanese.


Miella has short black hair which she takes after her mother, blue eyes, and she has a slight tan. She also loves the color blue, though she only has her white dress.



Feather pen and notebook to write notes

Picture of Miella with her dad