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This user's character is a Potion Maker

These Magicians write complicated scrolls and imbue them with potions to allow enough strength when drank to perform the spell on the scroll with much less effort required. They can also create potions of different purposes, whether offensive, defensive or healing. Potion makers always carry bottles or vials of potions and ingredients. They may follow the path of Isis, the goddess who is skilled in this type of magic.

Current Potion-Making MagiciansEdit

Master MagiciansEdit

1. Fhvraskavec

Intermediate MagiciansEdit

  1. Carson Tate

Initiate MagiciansEdit

  1. Raena Djani


  • They are skilled in writing tedious spells on Papyrus scrolls.
  • They are skilled in brewing potions of different purposes.