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Raena Djani
Potion Maker
Important Information
Age 11
Gender Female
Family Hasaam Djani (Father)

Elizabeth Djani-Parker (Mother - Deceased)

Thana Djani (Sister)

Blood of the Pharaohs N/A
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'4"
Affiliation The First Nome (Egypt)

The Ninth Nome (England)

Weapons Dagger
Specialty Potions
Home Pakistan Desert
Adventures None
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Raena was born in Pakistan. Her mother and father were magicians. Her mother was from the Ninth Nome and her father trained there for a few years. Her father disappeared on a mission when she was seven. Raena's mother was a host of Hathor. One evening, Raena's family was attacked by Long Necks in the middle of the night. Raena's mother died protecting her and her older sister, Tahna. Their mother destroyed the Long Necks, but she had to rely on the power of Hathor. She was incinerated. Tahna then became the new host of Hathor a few years later. Raena and Tahna went to the First Nome for shelter. Tahna has since then become a diviner and has been a trainer in the Ninth Nome for two years now, leaving Raena to train as a potion maker.


Raena is very quiet was incredibly sweet. She sometimes makes friends a little too fast.