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Hilary Duff Play With Fire lyrics

Shiva's Anthem

This user's character is a Master Magician

This user's character is following the path of Sekhmet

This user's character is descended from Hatchepsout

This user's character a Fire Elementalist

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Shiva -Magician of Elementalist
-Mistress of the Flames / Master / Trainer

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Yes? Do you need a lesson? I'm sure that you do...
Shiva Kahn
Render 176
"Challenge me and die..."
Master Magician
Fire Elementalist
Important Information
Age 19
Gender Female
Family Rajesh Kahn (Father - Earth Elementalist)

Jesminda Kahn (Mother - Diviner)

Deseree Kahn (Sister - Sau)

Blood of the Pharaohs Descendant of Hatchepsout
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6' 0"
Affiliation The First Nome
Weapons Steel Sickle
Specialty Fire Magic
Home Bagdad, India
Adventures None


Shiva Kahn was born in Bagda, India. She became and Initiate in The First Nome when she was seven. She trained with the initiates her age and excelled so much that she became the youngest magician to reach the Master level. She specialized in Element Magic but is very good with Combat Magic. Shiva follows the path of Sekhmet.

Magic ItemsEdit

Shiva uses an steel sickle instead of a staff but uses a staff for training. Her black staff is two meters long with silver falcon head on the top. She has an amulet that focuses her energy and to help her channel magic from the element that she is surrounded in. She has a wax shabti with it's legs cut off, named Shamar.


Shiva is very up-tight. She respects the laws of magic very much. But, if you can crack her tough outer shell, she's funny and happy. She loves poetry and literature. Her favorite writer is William Shakespeare. She knows The Tempest almost by heart.


Shiva can manipulate and create the elements. Her most powerful is Fire, but she masters in all. She is also a combat magician, but her power is limited.


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