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Storm Anton
Magician of Chaos
(This Character Belongs to Lenobia)




John Anton met John Lein when they were in war together. Anton's family was from Wales, where he raised three daughters with his wife, Jane. Lein lived in Vatican City (Smallest country in the world) with his two sons and daughter whom he raises with his wife, Marie. Soon, both men were sent home to their nomes. Anton visited Lenin's family every once in awhile. That's when the youngest daughter of the Anton's family fell in love with the oldest son of the Lein's family. Freya flew to Vatican City to live with Michael. About three years after Freya flew in, she became pregnant with Michael's daughter. Nine months later, Storm was born. They were all over-joyed. The small family of three moved to Egypt when Storm was a year old. When Storm was thirteen (sixteen years later after Freya moved away), Freya became pregnant once again. It was another little girl. They decided on the name Starr for her. But when Freya was eight months pregnant with her, she had a dream about Starr growing up to work with Set, and she would grow up to control Chaos magic perfectly. So, Freya took over three-dozen sleeping pills, and went to sleep. She died in her sleep that night, Starr dying with her. Michael didn't know of his fiancee's dream, he didn't know she killed herself. All he knew was that he was deeply upset. So, he took Storm and moved back to Vatican City. He left her with his friends in Nome 242 (Vatican City) and went to work for the House of Life in Egypt. He went missing in action after Three Months. She is also the decedent of Nebra, the second king of Egypt's second dynasty.

Blood of the Pharaohs
Magician of Chaos
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age Seventeen
Family WIP
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Colour Black
Height 4"11'
Affiliation House of Life, 242th Nome, First Nome, The Wales Nome, etc.
Weapons Chaos Magic
Home Previously: Vatican City. Currently: First Nome
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -






  • The Complete control of Chaos Magic