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Tabia is 12 years old

Tabia Mubarak
Vital statistics
Title {{{title}}}
Gender Female
Race Egyptian/Human/Magician
Faction Practicing everything until she finds whats right for her
Health Healthy, a little starved, but healthy
Level dunno yet
Status Alive
Location Heliopolis/First Nome/Cairo, Egypt


Tabia was born in Cairo, Egypt, to Akila and Gahiji Mubarak. Akila was a magicians of the First Nome and Gahiji was a mortal.

One day, when Tabia was little, she was playing by a deserted part of the Nile River in the city and accidentally fell in. The Goddess of the river, Anuket, saw the little girl, and not wanting any blood to be spilt in her river, rescued the little girl. Tabia told her mother of her experiance. Realizing what happened Akila dropped Tabia off at the Nome. She resides there now, trying to find her faction of magic.


Tabia has very dark brown hair down to her shoulders when not in a braid. Her skin is deeply tanned and she has dark brown eyes. She is 5'2 in height.


She's overall very happy and nice. Though she does have a dark side.

Important InformationEdit

She can barely speak English, and seems to not understand the concept of magic.


Tabia's staff

Tabia's staff

Tabia's wand

Tabia's wand


Tabia's khopesh

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