You wander into a large room. It's long and the walls are lined with different hierogyphs and murals. There are young initiates at tables, reading scrolls and writing assignments. Some you recognize, some you don't. Shabti rush by you, popping in and out from nowhere with scrolls, artifacts and differetn assortments of Ancient Egyptian items. You look down and you notice that you're stepping on a large green man in the fetal position! But then, you realize that it's just a picture. On the ceiling is a blue woman with stars. They are Geb and Nut, the Earth and Sky. At the very back of the room, there is a bookshelf that looks as if it doesn't belong there. Do you dare to move it ?

Library of congress reading


The Library is huge and has thousands of tubes for scrolls and 12 Shabti for retreving artifacts, scrolls, books and pizza. You can find almost anyhting here. Artifacts are kept in glass cases with a lock in case a young initiate gets... curious. Scrolls are kept in honeycomb-like cubbies and are available in almost every language.

Things you can do!Edit

  • Make wax Shabti (Initiates must have an Intermediate or Master Statuary Magician with them-- we don't want accidents.)
  • Read scrolls
  • Search for histories of gods
  • Check out some artifacts


  1. QUIET!!
  2. Do not desecrate the artifacts or scrolls; doing so will end in punishment.
  3. If you wish to take an item from the library, TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY!