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My name is Theo Valderez i am a 15 year old scribe in the house of life, i study the path of Thoth and i am skilled in divine words, animal charming and potion making and also


Theo was born and raised in Auckland New Zealand to two non practicing magicians. He learned of his magic and the house of life through his aunt Rosa who showed him what she could do, and whilst she stayed at his house taught him myths and basic magic. She then stole him on his tenth birthday and took him to the first nome where he studied as a scryer and then as an animal charmer. After progressing quickly at charming baboons, ibises and other water fowl he duelled another initiate. After the battle it was seen that he was a good animal charmer and he asked his teacher if he could study potion making as well his teacher said no it was too difficult so he studied under the potion master under cover. He was a natural. His animal charmer teacher did not find out and he put Theo into an elemental class. He was useless at both fire and cheese but did averagely with earth and water and air. He was quickly taken out of this class and placed in necromancy which he failed at completely. He was then allowed to study as a sau/charm maker and did relatively well. He hated being a sau so gave up and pursued staff magic. Theo did extremely well and using his animal charming abilities was able to create many animals from his staff, including lionesses, rhinos, sphinxes, bears and wolves. After his education had finished at 14 and 1/2 he left the first nome and went to the ninth nome in London. Although they restricted his learning so he left the ninth and went to Brooklyn via a portal he managed to make himself. Once at Brooklyn he studied, like Cleo, the path of the thoth

The initiation duel Edit

Theo's initiation duel was with a girl named, Alice Hoover, who had been studying as a fire elementalist. Alice's first move was to throw her staff at him turning it into a lioness, it failed because Theo charmed it to attack Alice while alice battled her own lioness Theo threw an amulet, which he was given to him from his aunty Rosa, and it turned into a massive baboon. This charged at the unguarded Alice. Alice killed her lioness (breaking her own staff) and sent a firebolt at the baboon, it was too late though and Theo won the duel.