Usagi Nanami

Usagi in her favorite outfit

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Magician With Birds In Hat
This user's character is an Initiate Magician

Solar storm
This user's character is a Chaos Magician

Usagi Nanami
Vital statistics
Title Chaos Magic initiate
Gender Female
Race Magician
Faction Chaos Magic
Health Perfect
Level 0/10
Status Alive, single
Location The First Nome


Shoulder-length blonde hair, amber eyes, innocent look


Sweet, cute, likes painting and singing. A little shy.


I originally lived in Chiba, Japan. My parents took me to the First Nome at age 6. They thought they could train me themselves, because they were also Chaos Magicians. But, one day they trained me in the Sahara Desert, and my powers were magnified since Chaos magic is desert and storm-based attacks. My magic went horribly wrong, and it created a huge sandstorm around me, resulting in my parents' death. I was stuck in that hot desert for an hour, but the heat dehydrated me and I fainted. When I woke up, I was back in the First Nome, with a Healer Magician standing over me. I thought it was all a dream, but found my parents nowhere. Eventually I met Miella Sai, an Elementalist who is also from Japan, and we became best friends.


Wand and Staff

Small cat stuffed animal I got when I was little

My favorite outfit

Type of MagicianEdit

Chaos Magician


Miella: BFFL (best friend for life!)

Kiari: Trainer

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