Okay, I've answered Shady's (ShadowGoddess) call to help out here. If we're going to do some serious renovation of the wiki, we have to divide the work. I ain't no admin here but I do have experience on becoming one. Comment if you like to sign up or add more things that need work on.


  • Initiation - Well they're the ones who note, approve initiation requests and keep track of what's happening there.
  • Navigation - The navigation (the green tab with buttons above) is really out-of-date. We need someone to change it to the current navigation for easy access of the pages.
  • Background and Theme - Well its not really that important but we need to spruce up the appearance of the wiki.
  • Magician Tracking - The list of magicians for many of the kinds of magic need to be updated as initiations are made.
  • Policies - The policies ares still not made so we have to make it.
  • Nome - Only the 1st Nome is available but incomplete too. We need to add the nomes.
  • Powers and Abilities - We still need this to be approved. The format follows the same one like in Camp Half-Blood RP Wiki. If this is approved, this may minimize godmodding.

Special AD

I know its not advised but I'd like to invite you guys to a rping wiki like this, but with a Japanese twist. It is halfway finished. The only ones needed are quest forums, training pages, cabins, cabin powers and the rest of camp locations. Any editing will be very welcomed. Go hereto find out more. Danke!

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