I am very much aware of the fact that many users make their characters either element magicians or combat. We need to flesh out the variety. Magics that need to be explored are:

Elementalist - Trainer Not Needed

A magician specializing in elemental magic controlled one of the central elements; earth, fire, air, water, and cheese like Doughboy said in the library of Desjardins.

Statuary - Trainer Needed

A magician skilled in making shabti.

Healer - Trainer Not Needed

A magician adept at healing magic. Healers historically followed the path of Sekhmet, allowing them to control famine, plague, and bau[1].

Sau - TrainerNeeded

A sau is one who makes protective amulets and charms.

Animal Charmer - Trainer Not Needed

Presumably one who can talk to and/or control/summon animals.

Combat Magician - Trainer Not Needed

One who is skilled at using magic offensively. They typically have enhanced skills and reflexes, allowing them to be able to dodge and deflect projectiles such as daggers, or slash a person before they have the impulse to react. They can also summon weapons with concentration; what weapon they summon depends on how much practice they have done. One of their most powerful spells is the ability to summon a magic battle avatar, which is a holographic shell that mimicks the movements of the user. The head of the avatar depends of what god's path the user follows, however,combat magicians typically follow the path of Horus or Bast.

Necromancer - Trainer Not Needed

Presumably magic dealing with death.

Diviner - Trainer Needed

Said to be extremely rare, these magicians can see the future.

Chaos Magic - Trainer Not Needed

Desert and storm-based attacks.

The Path of the Gods

A specialty that has fallen out of practice since the fall of Egypt, the Kane siblings are now attempting to revive it by calling magicians with the blood of the pharaohs to Brooklyn House. In ancient times, all members of the House of Life followed the Path. Some only called upon the power of the gods on occasion, while others sought be become the 'Eye' of a god: a perfect union between god and magician. There was great risk in this, however, and if it is done improperly the host can die or even be driven mad. In other instances the god may overpower their host and literally burn them up. These tragedies are evidenced by King Tutankhamun and Cleopatra VII. In modern times, those that practice the path of the gods are persecuted by the House of Life.

To choose a pathway, you must first assess your character's abilities.

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